Meet Thalia

Founding Arizona Reclaiming Member and Desert Sorceress

Meet Your SteerCo - An Interview with Thalia

Date: January 2, 2024

Author: Aspen ní Awen

Arizona Reclaiming Witchcraft is an eclectic group of desert witches living in Arizona, USA. With a hundreds-of-member-strong Facebook group and deep-rooted connections to the global Reclaiming Witchcraft community, our Arizona group strives to create an open and welcoming environment for all.

Our SteerCo is a small group of passionate witches who all bring their unique talents, perspectives, and histories to the greater Arizona Reclaiming community. We lead by consensus, with no internal hierarchy, and with each of us taking on roles and responsibilities that fit our unique skills and passions. Most importantly, the Arizona Reclaiming SteerCo strives to embody all values of Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity so that all who gather at our rituals, Witch Togethers, and learning events feel connected, safe, and supported in their spiritual journeys.

In this blog series, you’ll meet each of the 2024 SteerCo members and get to know a little bit about where they came from, who they are, and what they offer to the community.

Meet Thalia – Founding AZ Reclaiming Member and Desert Sorceress

Thalia is a witch of the desert with a huge heart, a quick laugh, and a gleam in her eye. I had the privilege of speaking with this mother, leader, alchemist, hiker, and desert sorceress who has been practicing Reclaiming-style witchcraft for over two decades. It’s clear to see from the moment you meet Thalia the passion – along with the side of mischief – that she brings to the Arizona Reclaiming SteerCo and to the community as a whole.

Q: Thalia, tell us a little bit about your background.

A: Like so many of us, I’m a refugee of patriarchal organized religion, I made big life decisions to seek connection to “source” differently, and finding goddess traditions in my early twenties changed my life. On this journey, I became a third-degree initiate in an eclectic Wiccan coven, but I’m tribal and wild at heart and I find magic lives more freely in chaos and experience vs. hierarchy and rote ritual. My practices are diverse and expressive, which made me fall instantly in love with the Reclaiming tradition.

Q: Oh, tell us… what are some of your favorite group practices?

A: Of course, I absolutely love our group rituals – I have anchored Ritual Muses, our ritual planning groups, for many years, and I love hosting rituals in my home. I’ve also co-led study groups, classes, covens, and many magical voyages. I’m especially interested in trance work, aspecting, divination (tarot), garden/kitchen/perfumery witchery and experiential ritual design.

Q: How about on your own? What defines you as a witch, and how do you see your private practice?

A: I try to find the magic in every moment and work to break down barriers, both within and without. I’ve found that transformative experiences are everywhere if we open ourselves to them. I consider myself an alchemist and practice my magic by making things, breaking things, growing things, questioning things, thinking things, feeling things and leading things. On any given night, I may be communing with Earth and Sky while walking my back-yard labyrinth, stirring magic into a soap pot, or obsessing over a board game with a nice glass of wine.

Q: Tell us more about your labyrinth. That sounds awesome.

A: The labyrinth! Yes! I first discovered Labyrinth as a profound ritual and meditation tool in 2000 and manifested the dream of having one in my backyard about 12 years later. An ancient archetype, a labyrinth is a walking meditation space and, in my experience, deepens spiritual openings, healing, self-knowledge, connection to deity and empowerment processes. I walk it daily with intention -- it’s always the same and never the same.  My labyrinth is open to those who come to rituals hosted at my house. Walking its winding path is a wonderful way to ground before or after the ritual. While you’re out there, you might hear my chickens clucking.

Q: Aww your chickens!

A: Also known as the Boop Boops, I’m obsessed with my chickens!! I usually have a bowl of fresh, organic hard-boiled eggs on-hand at the post-ritual potluck as well—these are gifts from the Boops!

Q: Yes, getting back to rituals and Reclaiming… what do you feel you bring to SteerCo and the Reclaiming community?

A: As a founding member I have been part of the leadership team – if you want to call it that, for many years. We lead with consensus and we’re always striving for community involvement… but yes, I’ve led parts of the community in some capacity since we started. The Reclaiming tradition changed my life, has helped heal and transmute old wounds, and has brought deep learning and spiritual expansion to my wondering soul— I love to serve our community and give back to this tradition that has been so pivotal in my life’s journey.  I am most helpful when facilitating meetings, moving furniture around, making people laugh, modeling co-leadership, and igniting sparks in those around me. After 23 years in Reclaiming, I’ve seen a lot of evolution, however, what hasn’t changed – our commitment to loving, internal work, and to actions in our communities and the larger world. As a SteerCo member, I’m here to welcome and listen, to offer guidance to our members and the SteerCo group, and of course, to keep learning and growing. Like I said, I’m tribal at heart, and Arizona Reclaiming is my tribe. We all have much we can offer to each other, and I’m grateful to be part of such a dynamic and amazing community.

Interested in Learning More about Arizona Reclaiming?

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