aMUSEments - What We Do

Rituals, Witch Togethers, Learning Events and More - See how you can get involved!

The Arizona Reclaiming community extends well beyond our scheduled rituals. We plan many events throughout the year, all over the valley and beyond. We connect over coffee, rally together in marches, learn new skills, help out in the community, and more. We almost always have something on the calendar to keep us aMUSEd! Here, you can learn a bit more about each of our aMUSEments (i.e., groupings of events by type), what they might look like, and our SteerCo Muses for each.

A Bit About aMUSEments:


Muses: Varies by ritual

As a group, we celebrate the Wheel of the Year, coming together in celebration at each of the quarters and cross-quarters - mostly. Our ritual calendar typically starts with Mabon and ends on Beltane. Midsummer is typically right around the same time as California Witchcamp, so we refrain from a public ritual so we can frantically pack! We also tend to abstain from holding a public ritual for Lammas/Lughnasadh because, frankly, it's too hot.

Each ritual date is posted as soon as it is known. Ritual planning is open to anyone who wants to join in - no experience necessary! Our rituals are co-created, immersive, expressive, and fun! Everyone is encouraged to participate to their own comfort level. When you are new to ritual, you will be greeted and introduced around so that you feel comfortable and welcome!

What to Expect at a Ritual


Witch Togethers

Muses: Sunshine and Aspen

From coffee/tea to board games to roller skating to hiking, Arizona Reclaiming is always finding new ways to have fun with our community. While we have a standing coffee meetup on the 13th of each month, our Witch Togethers are community-created and run - anyone who is an active member of our private Facebook community can create a Witch Together event. If you need help organizing, or if you have questions or ideas, you can talk to either of the Witch Together Muses. Please remember that all Arizona Reclaiming events are alcohol- and recreational-drug-free.

Some Witch Together Ideas


Merlin's Magical Meetups

Muses: Corra and Thalia

Want to learn a new witchy craft or skill? Ready to dive deeper into the paths of Reclaiming Witchcraft? Or are you a teacher who would like to pass on your knowledge to your community? Merlin's Magical Meetups are events where we come together as a community to learn, teach, and share. And we also have a lot of fun! Check the calendar to see what's coming up. If you have a skill you'd like to share, talk to one of Merlin's Muses, Corra or Thalia. 

Some Merlinish Examples


Oracle Outreach/Witch Responders

Muses: Ananda and Syrinx

A large part of our Principles of Unity center on activism and supporting our community. Our Oracle Outreach forms Witch Responder groups for the purpose of helping our community, both within our membership and around the world. We attend rallies, get involved in political actions and petitions, raise donations for those in need, and seek opportunities to educate ourselves and others. If you would like to get involved, talk to Muses Ananda or Syrinx.

Community Connection Ideas


Not a Member Yet?

If you are interested in joining Arizona Reclaiming, please fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch! 

Tech Witches

Muses: FynSidian and Aspen

This isn't so much a community group as a necessary team. FynSidian and Aspen keep the digital lights on, including web updates, blogging, calendar syncing, and more. FynSidian handles all the new member requests - he'll be your first touch in the group when you fill out the contact form. Aspen organizes and manages web content, creates branding and imagery, and does all that other Marketing and Communications stuff that is required to run an organization. 

And as Aspen types this, she would like to remind all members that their voices are always welcome! Our site and our community grow richer with every voice that gets added. If you'd like to pen a blog post, find Aspen on the Facebook group and let her know! She can work with you to get it edited and posted!