Meet the SteerCo

Every organization has those among them who feel called to lead. That's a good thing... because otherwise, none of the awesome events, rituals, witch camps, gatherings, etc. would happen! Our Arizona Reclaiming Steering Committee (SteerCo) is made up of a team of volunteers who are passionate about creating a welcoming, active environment that embodies the Principles of Unity.  Each member brings their own, unique perspective to the SteerCo and to the larger group. We actively amplify the voices of our larger community, and are always open to your ideas and needs! If you ever have a comment, question, idea, or concern, you can reach out to any of us online or in person at an event.

In all of our workings and decision-making, the SteerCo keeps in mind the guiding principles from our sacred doctrine, especially:

Once you are part of our private Facebook community, you can contact any of the SteerCo members by private message. To join, fill out our contact form, and FynSidian will be in touch!

FynSidian (he/him)

FynSidian is our new member ambassador. When you fill out the contact form, you can expect him to reach out within a few days! He also helps run the website, Facebook group, and all the other technology that keeps us up and running. He manages the donations, and will happily tell you all about Witch Camp (and why you should definitely plan to go).

Thalia (she/her)

Thalia is one of the founding members of Arizona Reclaiming, and has been part of the steering committee basically ever since. She graciously opens her home for most of our rituals. She's the wild woman behind Wild Women Soaps, and she's always ready to answer questions and help new members find their place in our group.

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Ananda (they/them)

Ananda is our passionate leader of our political outreach and community service arm. They are always looking for good mischief to do that aligns with their lifelong path of learning, listening, and compassion. You can ask Ananda about our group's community service initiatives and get involved wherever you feel pulled!

Dawn (she/her/they/them)

Dawn started practicing Reclaiming Witchcraft in 2015 and joined the SteerCo in 2016. She is a massage therapist and reiki master in her daily life. Ask Dawn about magical meetups and other fun learning events that are hosted by Arizona Reclaiming!

Sunshine (she/her)

Sunshine has been making magic since 2003, and has been an active member of the Arizona Reclaiming group since 2015. She is passionate about bringing people together in community connection, and helps organize many of our Witch Togethers. Ask her about how you can get involved by setting up your own Witch Together event!

Aspen (she/her)

Aspen has been a practitioner of magick since the mid-90s, and part of the Arizona Reclaiming community since 2020. She joined SteerCo in 2023, bringing her marketing magic and love of books to the community. She is one of the few West Siders in the group. Ask Aspen how you can partake in the Little Witch Library, and how you can get involved in events, valley/state-wide!

Corra (she/her)

Corra has been a practicing witch since age 18. She found the Arizona Reclaiming Group in 2015. She heard the call to become part of SteerCo in 2022, where she felt she could be of service to the magickal community. Corra, always the teacher at heart and a dedicated life-long learner, helps run Merlin's Magical Meetups, where she co-creates and develops classes for the community. She is a movie and Disney nerd, and she loves pop culture, dinosaurs, cryptids, and spending time outdoors.

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Syrinx (she/her)

Syrinx is an ambitious young witch on our Oracle Outreach committee, striving to help initiate community connection and care. Heavily influenced by her Italian/Sicilian heritage, Syrinx works mostly folk magick. She has been on her magickal path for a couple of years and is more than excited to broaden her perspective within the community! In her daily life, she is a musician with a soft spot for children and animals.